Our mission

From Japan's EKO to the World's EKO -- with World Class Manufacturing

EKO Instruments has built its 85 years of history with an enterprising and innovative spirit. Currently, we are expanding our business on a global scale to support research and development in the areas of Environmental Science and Renewable Energy; and Material Characterization and Analysis.

In the area of Environmental Science and Renewable Energy, EKO Instruments is manufacturing products with a focus on quality, originality, and creativity to satisfy the ever progressing needs of science in the global market. EKO Instruments is putting a great effort into the development of specialized sensors and system devices which support environmental protection, measurement of earth phenomena, and research and development of sustainable energy, such as solar and wind. We are actively participating in joint research and development with other businesses, universities, and government researchers. These alliances are leading to new products and new technology developments utilizing our combined knowledge and new facilities.

In the Material Characterization and Analysis sector, EKO Instruments, through its relationships and alliances with other producers and EKO’s continuing efforts and development of innovative instruments has allowed EKO to provide the market with increasingly total solutions. For example, we have future plans and are putting forth efforts into developing material characterization instruments for measuring thermophysical properties.

With completion of our newly constructed office building completed in June this year, we have been able to consolidate EKO’s operations. We can now challenge the unknown as one team to realize and implement global standards and methods to become the World’s EKO.

EKO Instruments Co., LTD.
Representative Director/President
Toshikazu Hasegawa


EKO Instruments Ltd. is a centre of competence offering products and services in the photovoltaic industry, instrumental meteorology, atmospheric environment & plant science, as well as material characterization at an outstanding scientific level.




Our international customers benefit from sophisticated instrument synergy and innovative services that persistently improve and optimize the efficiency and quality of their photovoltaic systems, meteorological measurements and material physical properties analysis.

To maintain long-term relationship EKO Instruments will strive for adequate sales support and advise, information on products and best practise, acceptable delivery times and after sales support.

EKO Instruments wishes to provide an environment of challenge, responsibility, and personal development for its employees; a place where people find pride and personal satisfaction in their work.