5 years warranty

15 Dec 2015

EKO is proud to announce the extension of its warranty to 5 years for all its models of ISO 9060 pyranometers (Second Class, First Class and Secondary Standard) and pyrheliometers.    This ...

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Exhibition Week | 07-2015

12 Aug 2015

In the last 2 weeks of July, we were very busy thanks to 2 big events held in Tokyo.   1, Meteo-Tech Expo Japan, July 22 to 24, 2015 The first Meteo-Tech Expo, which was sponsored by Japan Management ...

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4-20mA | MODBUS 485 RTU converter

01 Jul 2015

The new 4...20mA converter called "A-Box" is a digital signal conditioner to convert the Voltage output of either a *Solar radiation sensor or *PT-100 temperature sensor into a 4...20mA current output. ...

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EKO Inashiki Solar Park has completed

14 Apr 2015

2015/4/7, we hold the opening ceremony for EKO Inashiki Solar Park, the second solar power plant site constructed following the EKO Ami Solar Park. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for all ...

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JICA training program

27 Mar 2015

2015/03/11, EKO joined the JICA training program about the technology related with PV energy. This is the event KITA has assigned some trainees from developing countries like Bhutan, Antigua and Barbuda, ...

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