Solar Sensor Cataloque | 07-2012

01 Jul 2012

EKO introduces its new solar radiation and photonic sensors catalogue. The new catalogue includes product descriptions, specifications, features and benefits of EKO's solar radiation sensor range. It ...

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01 Aug 2012

The new heavy-duty STR Sun tracker STR-32G is capable to support a load up to 60kg of instrumentation without compromising the high tracking accuracy. This GPS Sun tracker is designed to support EKO’s ...

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MS-56 Fast response DNI sensor | 09-2011

01 Sep 2011

EKO Instruments is proud to announce the new DNI pyrheliometer “MS-56” with innovative compact design features and an unprecedented performance. The MS-56 DNI sensor fulfills the present most ...

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08 Aug 2011

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15 Mar 2012

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