BPI Air-Shield

BPI Air-Shield


  • Anti Soiling system to reduce maintenance intervals 
  • Compatible to MS-56 DNI Sensor
  • Low power consumptiom (12/24 VDC / 10W)
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The anti-soiling system which can be applied to the MS-56 Pyrheliometer will keep the Quartz window free of sand, dust, rain and snow. In desert environments soiling sometimes becomes an issue as the Irradiance measurement can be affected.

The MS-56 front window has a standard integrated heating system to prevent any snow, ice or condensation.  In combination with the BPI Air-Shield best possible measures can be taken for reliable unattended operation. 

The working principle, an effective "Air-Shield" created by a high flow of filtered air in front of the sensor window to protect against dust, insects and dirt buildup. The air is filtered with a 3-stage high efficiency particle filter and then accelerated in an air turbine. From the turbine, a flexible hose supplies the air trhough the injector head in front of the pyrheliometer window.

The system can be easily attached and retrofitted to any installed MS-56 pyrheliometer. The AirShield system can be either grid-connected or operated through a solar power battery system to allow remote off-grid operation.




W x L x H

395 x 295 x 289 mm

Power requirements

100 - 240V (20W) / 12-24VDC (10W) with Solar battery system


7,4 kg (Turbine) / 260 g (Injection head) 

Specifications temperature

-20°C to +50°C

Length of hose

4m (up to 20 optional)

Ingress protection rating

All weather enclosure






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