SMS Total Monitoring

SMS Total Monitoring

SMS Solar Monitoring Station
EKO SMS Datalogger
SMS Solar Monitoring Station outdoors


  • Solar Reference system for PV Site assessment
  • Measures all crucial solar parameters (DNI/GNI/DHI)
  • Meteorlogical parameters (T, P, RH, Ws, Wd, Precipitation)
  • Fully integrated solution (Pre-configured)
  • Multiple interfaces (RS-232 / Ethernet / GPRS)
  • Solar battery powered autonomous operation
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EKO Instruments unique Solar Monitoring Station (SMS) is the primary reference to collect high quality solar irradiance data on-site. The innovative turn-key system provides all fundamental solar radiation and meteorological parameters for PV site evaluation, performance monitoring and cell optimizing.


The SMS is factory composed, but can be freely configured to meet all client- and market-specific demands. It is the aim of EKO Instruments to help clients get ahead by developing turn-keyresearch solutions and services for the Photovoltaic and Meteorological markets. With our high level of know-how and latest technologies used in our Photovoltaic measuring equipment and Solar Radiation Sensors we aim to extend clients solar research capabilities in function, accuracy and quality.


In combination with a solar power battery system it gives a perfect solution for rich sunny sites where grid power is absent but electrical power is required to power the SMS. Driven by solar power two high efficiency PV panels (Total 160 Wp) and back-up batteries provide electrical power to the SMS during daytime and nighttime and extend the operation for several days. When the back-up battery pack gets exhausted the system will shut down in a controlled manner and will automatically recover when the batteries are recharged. The SPS-01 is perfectly suited to be combined with the SMS or STR-Sun trackers powerd by DC.


The Solar Monitoring Station is a plug and play system. All systems are set-up and pre-programmed according to clients needs and wishes. The diagram below summarizes the possible options for composition of the solar monitoring station, based on application and desired parameters.

System configuration


MS-802 Secondary Standard Pyranometer
MS-802F Secondary Standard Pyranometer
MS-402 First Class Pyranometer
MS-402F First Class Pyranometer
MS-410 First Class Pyranometer
MS-602 Second Class Pyranometer


MS-56 First class pyrheliometer

Sun Trackers

STR-21G Single arm sun tracker
STR-22G Double arm sun tracker

Meteorological sensors

WS-300 Meteorological sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure)
WS-500 Meteorological sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wind speed & Direction)
WS-600 Meteorological sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wind speed & Direction, precipitation)

Solar Power System (All items included)

Battery AGM (2 x 110 Ah (12 + 12 VDC)
PV Modules 2 x 80 Wp
Battery charger MPPT charger
Enclosure ENC-480 (IP-65)
Frame Adjustable PV module frame and battery stand 

Data Acquisition system (All items included except options)

Data-logger CR-1000 Datalogger
Back-up battery PS-100 (7 Ah / 12VDC)
Software PC-200 or PC-400 or Loggernet
Power supply 24 VDC / 2.5A
Enclosure ENC-380
Enclosure mounting kit ENC-380-MK for LPT-130
Ethernet interface (Optional)
GSM / GPRS interface (Optional)(no SIM card included)

Large Size Tripod

LPT-130 Large Size Tripod (130 cm)
SSA-01 Single sensor side arm
DSA-02 Double sensor side arm
PMP-01 Pyranometer mounting plate for MS-X02
PMP-02 Pyranometer mounting plate for MS-X02F


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