STR-32G Sun Tracker

STR-32G Sun Tracker

STR-32G with spectro radiometers
STR Sun Tracker gears
STR Sun Tracker control
STR Sun Tracker accessoiries
STR-32G Sensor Calibration Station


  • Accurate set up by automatic retrieval of position and time at any place on earth
  • Easy installation and operating without need of a computer
  • Operating status indication by LED signal
  • Continuous clock synchronization enabling permanent reliable and accurate positioning of the solar radiometers measuring direct, diffuse and global irradiance
  • RS-232 serial interface for extended position control and status information 
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The heavy duty Sun Tracker STR-32G completes the extensive EKO Sun Tracker range and is capable to take the highest load without compromizing the STR typical high precision and performance. Similar to the STR-21G/22G it comes with with fully automated set up procedure through a GPS receiver providing increased reliability and enhanced functionality. 


Although it has a 4 times higher load capacity the size didn't change. The most compact heavy duty sun trackers are perfectly suited to support all kinds of Global, Diffuse and Direct Radiation measurement sensors and spectroradiometers. Besides the standard EKO sensor mounts various mountings are available. 


From sun rise to sun set the compact EKO Sun-Tracker guarantees accurate sun tracking and pointing of the attached solar sensors. The 2-axis tracker automatically adjusts to the sun’s position by the sun sensor closed-loop control system, even if the tracker is not oriented or leveled properly.


STR-32G Double Arms
Stepping motor
Driving technology
Harmonic Drive
Pointing accuracy
< 0.01° (Solar Elevation: 0 to 87°)
Angle resolution
Rotation angle
Elevation-angle(-15° to +95°)
Azimuth-angle(0° to +/-180°)
60 Nm (30 + 30 Nm)  
Load Capacity 60 kg (balanced)  
Tracking mode
Sun-sensor mode and Calculation mode are automatically switched.
Tracking accuracy of Sun-sensor mode
Sun-sensor field of view
+/- 15°
GPS Sensor measurement accuracy
Horizontal Position: Below 15m (2drms). GPS Positioning
GPS Sensor positioning start time
< 5min. (depends on the recieving condition.)
LED Indicator
Power, GPS status
Environmental Protection
Temperature range
-40~+50°C (-30 ~ +50°C at cold start)
Altitude for solar position calculation
No Limitation
RS-232C, 9600bps, 8N1
Power requirement
AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 25W
DC21 to 32V, 25W for DC optional Sun Tracker (Power consumption 15W)
430(W) x 380(D) x 250(H) mm
15 kg

Standard STR-32G Sun Tracker system includes

  • STR-32G Tracker with built in GPS
  • Four Quadrant Sun Sensor which automatically compensates for mechanical misalignment
  • Diagnostics and control software

 Sun Tracker Options

  • Various top mounting plates for all common pyranometers or pyrgeometers models
  • Spectroradiometer side mountings
  • Additional pyrheliometer mounts
  • Shading ball assembly (2 radiometer positions)
  • Heavy duty tripod


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